antichrist_book (antichrist_book) wrote in deadly_kisses,

The Sycophant

Why do I speak to thee

When you are deaf to my words,

Nodding dumbly without reason,

My free thoughts lost in that black cavity

Neither saved nor preserved but lost to darkness

As you echo my speech

Revealing the hollowness beneath your empty shell?

Your embraces constrict me

Your refusal to challenge, your ready surrender

Leaving no obstacle to overcome, nothing to bar my path

That I do not cease and question

Do not stop and wonder

But only fall forward

In my intellectual charges

And become like a stumbling child

Never truly able to learn to walk

And become all too happy to drag myself along my belly

Through the dirt like a lowly serpent

Poisoned by your servitude

That I become venomous to those who fail to do likewise.

Your devoted mediocrity swallows me

Like the pale Moon does the Sun

Eclipsing day for night.

You are no golden angel, no muse, no goddess

But a mirror that reflects my luminance

Blinding me with my own reflection

That I might not see the true world

But only that which you reinforce,

A gilded cage of my own make,

Causing me to close my eyes

Pierced and fearing my own Reason

That I flee from it, smother it, cause myself to dull

And regress, devolve, revert

Into that primordial savage

Lost in the shadows

To thrash and scream

Because of you,

You undermining sycophant.

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