Elicia!!~~!@#$% (beautyconcrete) wrote in deadly_kisses,

six feet under

maybe if i crawled six feet under

and laid down to die

everything would be a lot easier

my back wouldn't be weighed down by tasks

my knees wouldn't be breaking at the thought

and my heart would beat stonger, if at all

and if they never found my body

my presence will never go unforgotten

but i'd still have a fancy funeral

with my pretty face in my pretty casket

and with flowers that would dry up and die

just like me

and even then i'd still be the center of attention

just how she liked it, everyone would think

such a shame for a girl so young

they'd say, she had so much life ahead of her

but they didn't know how inviting that hole sounds

please bury me with my nonexistent jewels and riches

pictures of me smiling and a
pair of wings

(in case i don't make it to heaven)

i'll still be in angel in your eyes

carve into my tomb my name with a heart

so at least they'd know that i knew love

and that it wasn't love that was the death of me

and that it was me that was the death of me

and tell them

i slowly decayed

and somewhere between half alive and half dead

looking something like a molding fruit

i slowly became the soil beneath your feet

all my debts will be erased

and now, only now, would i be able to fly

becoming the breeze that blows through your hair

the scared shivers you get when you're all alone

and the reason you check behind the shower curtain

i wouldn't call it haunting

no i wouldn't call it that at all

just a series of gestures to jog your memory

so you'll never forget someone like me

remember there's a trainstation when you close your eyes

the price of a ticket is free

visit me in your dreams

i'll see you soon.
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